My interests are eclectic. My two passions are photography and history. This website is primarily for my photography, with an occasional nod towards my background as an author and historian.

2014 - awarded the distinction of Fellowship by the Irish Photographic Federation.

2016 - awarded the distinction of Excellence (EFIAP) by the International Federation of Art Photography (Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique).

2017 - made an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. Awarded the distinction of EFIAP Bronze.


1999 - Conferred with a Master of Arts (Hons) Degree in History by the National University of Ireland, Cork. I am the author of a dozen books (mostly on historical topics) and I've edited several others. My specialist fresearch areas include 19th and early 20th century Ireland, especially the Landed Ascendancy and politics; Napoleon, the Napoleonic Wars, French history and politics; the two World Wars, particularly as they relate to Irish involvements.

I have a university certificate in Irish archaeology and am a qualified tour guide. I give talks on a wide variety of history and photography topics. One of my minor claims to fame is that I was interviewed for the Russian newspaper 'Pravda' in 1990 (it was at that time the biggest newspaper in the world).

A few short pieces of my writing and lectures can be read in the history blog.

This website is primarily for my photography, so go on, feast your eyes.