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FIPF Panel LayoutFIPF statement 2014FIPF Fungi T01 Amethyst DeceiverFIPF Fungi T02 MycenaeFIPF Fungi T03 Gw rdFIPF Fungi T04 Gw BrittlegillFIPF Fungi T05 Bw WebcapsFIPF Fungi T06 Gw Toadstool by the River RoadFIPF Fungi T07 Gw Oakleaf and ToadstoolFIPF Fungi T8 KFIPF Fungi T9 Gw DeceiverFIPF Fungi B01 Gw rdFIPF Fungi B02 Gw Holly and ToadstoolFIPF Fungi B03 Bw Lilac and Wood SorrelFIPF Fungi B04 Gw Group by the FarmFIPF Fungi B05 K. Blackening WaxcapFIPF Fungi B06 Gw Orange BoleteFIPF Fungi B07 Gw Beech SickenerFIPF Fungi B08 Gw Cp PinkiesFIPF Fungi B09 K. Butter Cap